ICYMI News – Have a different conversation

In Case You Missed It News brings you the stories getting forgotten, ignored and pushed out. Stories that matter to you and your friends.  Stories you might be missing.

The media all too often clusters around the same stories.

This is seeing people turn to more extreme, less reliable sources just to find something different, adding to our polarised politics and the spread of fake news.

ICYMI News focuses on those stories which are being neglected.

Some believe the way to cut through the noise is to slow things down, in the hope of turning back the clock to before the internet was in the palm of your hand.

We disagree. 

At ICYMI News, we don’t slow down the news. But that doesn’t mean we rush to publish before getting our facts straight. We are fast, but we are accurate.  That’s because while we are digital natives, we have time-honoured reporting values. 

ICYMI is here to help you have different conversations. Sign up now.

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